Macon ENTZ
The sensor is wax-filled and the wax varies according to ambient temperature. The volume changes are transmitted to the valve stem via a liquid capillary system. The valve body has a return spring which closes the valve when the stem is under low pressure. When the force from the sensor and the return spring are balanced to the room temperature selected, the valve disc stops in that position to allow a certain amount of water to flow through the valve. Temperature changes cause the valve disc to change position and thereby continuously modulate the flow so that the room temperature is maintained at the desirable temperature. The unit is secured against damage from over pressure by a pressure absorbing spring.
Brass sensor High sensitivity
Fiberglass valve plug shaft Stainless steel capillary tube (78")
Fits all Macon NT series valves Fully automatic - nonelectric
No wiring - nonelectric operation Simple one-trade installation
Valve-mounted setting knob and remote temperature sensor Sensor guard furnished at no extra cost
Manufactured to exacting standards using exceptionally high quality materials Note that changing of the actuator can be accomplished without draining of the system
Each sensor is tested and re-checked to achieve exact settings before leaving the factory All Macon thermostats can be locked at or limited to a specific temperature or temperature range
Replaces the valve-mounted sensors on built-in convectors, etc., and where the valve-mounted sensor is exposed to draft from doors and windows