Radiator Valves & Control
Macon Control© specializes in energy-saving solutions. With the right combination of our products we can solve the problem of over- and under-heating. Macon Control's© products are designed for controlling most hot water or low pressure steam heating systems.
Control is the key when using our products. With our energy-saving ideas you can end the open windows that waste expensive energy. You can control and provide even room temperature with our thermostatically controlled valves and maintain it automatically. Our solution can balance a heating system and virtually eliminate expansion and contraction noises.
Whatever the installation, Macon Control© is ready to save your money.
Specify our energy-saving products today for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, motels, schools, colleges, apartment buildings, office buildings, factories, restaurants and government installations.
Simple installation - no electric wiring or special tools, one-trade installation
Easy service - products are compact in dimensions; thermostat can be changed without draining the system
Individual room control for comfort - select the temperature you want, eliminate wide temperature swings, fully automatic control
Lower energy costs - up to 30% or more reduction in fuel consumption
A system that wastes heat wastes money!
Macon Horizontal Angle Valve
with Macon ENT Direct
Mount Thermostat
Macon Vertical Angle Valve
with Macon ENTZ Remote
Sensor Thermostat
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