Thermostatic steam trap repair units shall be Tunstall Steam Trap Capsule® or approved equal. Capsules to be rated for Vac to 125 psig working pressure. Due to the extended life of high pressure bellows units on low pressure applications, only high pressure bellows units will be acceptable.

Capsule made entirely of corrosion resistant stainless steel with TIG welded construction. The actuator shall be a ten plate stainless steel bellows, with heat treated hardened ball bearing close off mechanism. Bellows shall be entirely enclosed in a protective stainless steel capsule to prevent damage from water hammer and debris build-up.

The replacement capsule shall include integral welded stainless steel seat able to fit directly into the condensate portion of the steam trap body. Diaphragm, Nozzle, Orifice, Venturi, Quick Fix, Wafer, Nugget or low pressure units are not acceptable.

The replacement unit must be of universal design, able to retrofit the existing thermostatic steam traps without the necessity of providing a new cover.