Thermostatic Steam Traps
Series "TA"
Tunstall Associates, Inc. produces a complete line of Thermostatic Radiator Steam Traps with ratings up to 125 psi. Each unit is tested and inspected before leaving the factory guaranteeing years of trouble free service. All units are "normally open" to expel air and water and will "close" at saturated steam temperature thereby eliminating steam entering into condensate return lines. Each Tunstall Steam Trap features the Tunstall Capsule® which has become the best steam trap replacement bellows available today.
Forged brass cover, body, nut and tail piece
TIG welded stainless steel Tunstall Capsule® with balanced pressure stainless steel bellows
Ratings from 25 Hg to 125 psi
Calibrated, inspected and tested
Available in ½" & ¾" Straight or Angle Pattern and 1" Angle
Simple Installation
Corrosion resistant stainless steel internals
Extended life on low pressure applications
Cast Iron Radiators
Finned Tube Radiation
Typical Specification
Furnish and install as specified on plans and in accordance with manufacturers instructions Tunstall Thermostatic Steam Traps, sizes ½", ¾" or 1". The trap body and cover shall be forged brass and provided with an entirely stainless steel capsule. Rating shall be lbs/hr at PSIG pressure differential. Each unit shall be guaranteed for 2 years from the date of installation.
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